Are you aware that when you are annoyed and blunt, this can influence your team?

Are you aware that you can influence your team when you are cheerful, greet everyone, and show interest?

I was a manager in an accounting team years ago. It was my fifth year in the company. I was dissatisfied with my work at that stage. Because this was the situation: new hires would join the team, I would train the new hires on the job, and within a couple of months, those new hires would leave. All for nothing; all my energy was flushed down the toilet.

And one day, a team member came to me and said, โ€œMindy, do you know that your attitude and your energy set the mood in the team?โ€

No, I never realized that, and it was never my intention. These were my feelings, my frustrations, and they had nothing to do with other people.

After that conversation, I started to pay more attention to my attitude. I paid extra attention to my mood every morning when I woke up. I started meditating in the morning and evening.

I worked on it with ups and downs, and I slowly improved. I started to feel better in my skin. My mood lightened up. As time went by, my teamโ€™s behavior started changing towards me. I noticed that my team member was more open toward me.

Dear team member (you know who you are ;)),

Thank you for opening my eyes with this valuable feedback. You are one of my heroes in my journey who triggered me to become the person I am right now.

Who triggered you to be a better person?