Chantal said: “Finally, my last day of work before my vacation to Santorini. I can’t wait! During these two weeks, I will ensure I turn off my work phone and enjoy the sun, sand, and sea!”

Chantal worked very hard last year. She worked late because she didn’t have enough staff to do the work. Due to the “great resignation,” the company could not find the right people so fast to do the job.

She stood up and did the work without any hesitation. After all, she is a real career tiger. No complaining because somebody just needs to do it! Chantal sacrificed her health, relationships, and “me-time.”.

“I hope I won’t get sick because I seem to get sick all the time during my vacation,” Chantal continued.

Little did Chantal know that she felt a massive headache on her first vacation day, which knocked her out for at least four days. During that time, she stayed in the hotel room, ordering room service. Chantal didn’t see anything of Santorini! On the fourth day, she got so bored in her room that she started scrolling on her work phone as if she was not on vacation.

She recovered by day seven and was now ready to explore Santorini! She even got acquainted with a cute guy at the beach.

Three days before the end of her holiday, she started dreading returning to work by even just thinking about it!

She asked herself, “Did I enjoy every single moment of Santorini? Was it worth it all t time ignoring my health, relationships, and “me-time” during the year? No wonder I got sick in my first few days of vacation because I have been ignoring the pains and aches of my body. I had been so overwhelmed at work. My body has been signaling me to slow down and calm myself down. But I kept on going and ignored my body and mind. How can I move away from this rat race?”

I have heard so many similar stories throughout the years. The faces changed, but the stories were identical. By Chantal becoming aware is the first step to any change!

What would be your next step if Chantal’s story resonated with you?