When you are overwhelmed with challenging times at work or home, it can be difficult to control your emotions.

Emotional reactions can make the situation worse. Regardless of your position, it is essential to keep emotions in check. Here are three reasons

1) You will have a clear mind, and where you can see things more objectively

2) You can communicate your message clearly to others

3) Whether you are a leader or team member, your emotions are highly contagious

Here’s a great article by Theodora Blanchfield on How to Deal With Emotions at Work.

No time to read it?
Here are the take-aways from the article:
– Recognize your emotions
– Adapt to the company’s culture and set boundaries
– Find a trusted person to talk with
– Have a safe and supportive environment
– Be in touch with emotions to build partnerships with others
– Learn to work with different personality
– Manage emotions to have peace of mind

I would like to add one more: guided meditations. This made me start my self-awareness and self-care journey.

Due to my own positive experience with guided meditation, I also use this in my coaching practice. All my clients receive a recorded guided meditation to relax their mind and body.

This is what my clients say about my a recorded guided meditation to relax their mind and body:

“Rate level of feeling relaxed from 1 -10, (1 lowest, and 10 highest). I went from 2 to 8 after the first session and listened to the recording for less than 10 days.”

“I look forward every night to listening to your guided meditation”

“I have a better night’s sleep and wake up fully refreshed.”

Learning how to control your emotions is not a one-time thing, but it is an ongoing process that requires you to be aware of yourself and others.

It might feel uncomfortable at the start of learning how to control your emotions, but the more you become aware of yourself, see what is triggering you, and put things into practice, the better you will become at it. In a blink of an eye, this will become a habit.

The recorded guided meditation to relax their mind and body is available in English and Papiamento