Shout out to Mindy Borgonje Ling, who showed me that there are different possibilities in life and moved me to take action in the direction that I wanted to reach.

When Mindy told me she was following a course about Rapid Transformation Therapy and Life Coach so she could develop herself more in this area to help others, I was very excited for her. This is Mindy’s calling; that’s what she loves doing: motivating and inspiring others to take action.
I didn’t doubt when she got her certificate that she could now start working with clients. I wanted to be her first client.

I just did her coaching program, including Rapid Transformational Therapy
And it was in one word:
Wow! I cannot describe the emotions that I experienced during the different sessions, but one thing I can tell, the feeling afterward was amazing after every session. It was like I had lost this burden on my shoulders.

Before, I was like living my life, but not living it. I wasn’t feeling happy or motivated. I was dealing with lots of work-related stress.

Now I start looking at things differently; each experience has a positive side. I start caring more about the most important person in my life: ME, being happy, living healthier, and taking care of myself. Mindy made me realize that no one will do that for me if I don’t do that. I had to learn how to set healthy boundaries at work.

And I feel happy; I lost weight (with no diet, but by focusing on what is healthy for my body), a complete makeover from the inside out. The compliments I’m receiving keep motivating me and, of course, my sessions with Mindy. There are days that, of course, I do not want to do anything or just want to eat junk food. It’s ok, as long as I go back to what I learned and keep moving forward. I don’t criticize myself anymore.

Would I recommend her?
Yes, of course!
The beauty of my transformation is that it intrigued others, and I was and am more than happy to tell them about my coaching experience with Mindy. I am so glad to see them contacting Mindy for coaching services.

So do not hesitate, start today by taking care of the most important person in your life: YOU! Contact Mindy for her coaching session; it’s worth it!

Thank you, Mindy, for this opportunity, for being this fantastic person who takes the time to listen without judgment and stirs me in the direction I want to be. Becoming a life coach was part of your journey to develop your passion for helping, motivating, and inspiring others to take action. Keep shining!