She looks at me as if I took away her world.

Her eyes were full of rage.

As most of you know, I have a teenager in the house. My lovely bonus daughter.

A few nights before, I had an incident where I took her iPad out of the room before she went to sleep.

And the reaction was: “What? Why are you taking my iPad away from me?”

Her emotion went all over the place!

As someone practicing mindfulness, I allowed her to fire out everything she needed to say.

My instinct was to go into a defense mode, but I concurred it. I replied calmly: “The iPad’s battery needs to be charged. And so does your battery! Sleep tight! Your iPad and you will be fully charged the next day.”

The next day, I was working at the dinner table. My bonus daughter came back from school. She took a chair, sat down, looked at me (without any rage this time) and said “My response last night was a bit exaggerated.”

Wow, look at this girl, at 14 years old. She is still a child. This insight that she has right now is something that some people twice or three times her age are not able to get. I think it took me at least 30 years to be able to communicate like that!

Admiringly looking at her, I said: I am so proud that you were able to reflect on yourself and express this so honestly.

She expressed herself in such a mature way.

How amazing is that! I am proud to be part of her life.