That was the first thing Jen said to me during our second zoom call.

Jen was referred to me by another client. Jen could not relax her mind, especially after a busy day at work. She was not sleeping properly. Jen would be in bed thinking about the conversations she had at work, about things she wanted to say (should, have), and about her ‘To Do List’ that keeps getting longer. She found it hard to turn the switch off after work.

She would finally fall asleep and wake up tired and in a foul mood in the morning. During the day, she would feel sleepy and unable to concentrate at work and snap at the smallest thing around her. Everybody at work feels like they are walking on eggshells near Jen!

Before, Jen could not imagine how to have an excellent night’s sleep. Now in our second 1:1 zoom session, Jen sees sleeping as essential for her mind and body. She loves it and does it!

Jen continued, “After a long day of work, I have dinner and do my other things at home. The last thing I do before bed is, listen to your recorded guided relaxation meditation for mind and body. I feel so relaxed. My mind feels calm, my body feels relaxed, and I sleep like a baby every night. The following day, I wake up fully refreshed, recharged, and ready to start my day. ”

Would you like to have a great night’s sleep like Jen? Would you like to shut down that brain, so you don’t bring your work to bed?

My guided meditation has helped many clients, and as a celebration of my website launch, I have made it available to everyone. This recorded meditation is available in English & Papiamento for only ā‚¬19. Go to my website to download this.