A friend recently shared her disappointment about not landing a job because she’s a “generalist” or, like she said, a jack-of-all-trades, not a “specialist”. It got me thinking ā€“ are we missing out on the awesome perks of having a generalist on board?

What’s a Generalist?

Generalists are like Swiss Army knives ā€“ versatile and ready for anything. They have skills spanning different fields and can seamlessly switch between roles.

So, Why Hire a Generalist?

  • Adaptability – They can pivot quickly and tackle new challenges head-on.
  • Problem-Solving; With their broad perspective, they spot solutions others might overlook.
  • Quick Connectors – Generalists can connect the dots faster. Their big-picture thinking helps them see links between ideas, speeding up decision-making.
  • Communication -They can talk tech with developers and strategy with marketers, making them great team players.
  • Cost-Effective – One generalist can often do the work of multiple specialists, saving money.

In a Nutshell, Generalists bring flexibility, swift problem-solving, and a fresh perspective that sees the forest and the trees. It’s time we appreciate the unique flair they bring to the table!

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