I was first referred to Mindy by a mutual friend, in whom I noticed an incredible transformation after she started following a few sessions with Mindy.

I was thrilled to see the lifestyle changes in my friend and how happy and amazing she looked but, to be honest.

I was still skeptical about whether any kind of coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) would work for me.

I find it quite hard to open up and speak to someone I do not know. Mindy made me feel at ease during the intake session. I enjoyed the Intake session with Mindy and felt “hopeful” that maybe (contrary to my previous beliefs) this kind of therapy could help me overcome and deal better with life’s struggles; I did not sign up right away for the following sessions.

Then, a couple of months later, I was going through a rough patch, a built-up of stressful personal and work-related issues/events, all happening simultaneously. I had fallen into a pattern of worse-case-scenario thinking and did not know how to change my negative mindset. I started feeling sad, scared, overwhelmed, and extremely anxious. At that point, I realized I needed to get help.

I’ve had 2 sessions with Mindy since. Immediately after the first session, I started feeling better. Rate level of feeling relaxed from 1 -10 (1 lowest, and 10 highest). I went from 2 to 8 after the first session and listened to the recording for less than 10 days.

Mindy’s soothing voice and guidance through wise words helped me calm down inside. I felt like I could breathe again, regained control and focus, and was able to take things on one day at a time. Mindy recorded personalized hypnosis for me, listening to it every night before sleeping for at least 21 consecutive days.

During the 2nd session, Mindy guided me to dig deeper into my subconsciousness. She led me to search deep inside and to a place way back as far as I could remember to identify and confront my limiting beliefs. Subsequently, she guided me through the process of start breaking through and reversing these limiting beliefs about myself through self-affirmationโ€ฆโ€ฆ and, in doing so, owning my self-worth and truly believing “I’m enough.”

I’m not entirely there yet, but thanks to Mindy, I am well on my way. Mindy will help you look and feel great inside out.