I wrote two posts about different questions people ask women:

Do you live alone in this house?
You are not one size fits all

Thank you very much for liking, commenting, and sending me PMs/DMs regarding this and for sharing your story. I love reading them and it is very relatable to you too!
Some of you wrote to me the following questions that make you cringe:
* When will you get married?
* I saw a car outside of your house last night?
* Is it your new boyfriend’s car?
* Now that you are married, when are you planning to have babies?
* Are you gay?
* Where are your children? ( Assuming that I have children without even asking me how I’m doing)

How does it make you feel when people ask you these inappropriate questions???

– Do you feel pressured to adhere to the norm? Follow the crowd?
– Are you kind to yourself even if you don’t adhere to the norm?
– How do you reply to these questions?
– How will you reply the next time when you get these questions?

Let me know in the comment box below.